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National Semiconductor Case Study free essay sample

Be that as it may, IDC needs a vigorous administration improvement program. The group as of late instated a 360-degree (360D) criticism process as an administrative formative instrument. There were a few obstacles however the procedure by and large is by all accounts progressing nicely. In the interim the innovative business in Bangalore is seeing high turnover rates with numerous rewarding bids for employment in a hot work advertise. As new directors are joining the IDC group, Ashok Kumar, the general trough of IDC is assessing whether to proceed with the 360D procedure or to permit new administrators to incorporate all alone. Issue Statement While a few manifestations have been examined, the general issues which require consideration can be sorted into the accompanying four: 1. What is the best technique for incorporating new individuals from the IDC supervisory group? 2. Ought to there be proceeded with advancement of the supervisory crew, and how best should this be practiced? 3. IDC has worked as a storehouse, concerning the board at the Santa Clara base camp. How best can IDC line up with Santa Clara’s the executives practices and methodology? 4. IDC chiefs are not working together and conveying straightforwardly, bringing about missed cutoff times, pressure, and decreased assurance. Conversation of Critical Issues The 360D procedure has improved the coordination and correspondence of the current supervisory crew, and now this group faces the test of incorporating new chiefs into an effectively firm gathering. Without satisfactory history with companions, subordinates, and administrators, Ashok Kumar perceives that 360D would not be a powerful apparatus for improvement and reconciliation of these new individuals in the underlying months of their new assignments. While they want to build up a similar open, agreeable, believing connections they have found in 360D, some other reconciliation procedure or methodology would be important. Likewise for thought is whether 360D has filled its need, or whenever proceeded with advancement will be significant to the gathering. Would yearly 360D studies proceed with the turn of events? In addition to the fact that integrating is new administrators a worry, proceeded with improvement of individual administration aptitudes and proceeded with advancement of the group overall are important. Can the gathering anticipate that their present abilities and connections should be acceptable, or do they need steady improvement consideration, and assuming this is the case, what is the best procedure. Additionally, if the 360D were to turn into a yearly procedure, is it excess, or added substance to the presentation audit process right now set up? The administration connection among IDC and Santa Clara is tested by the geographic division (and time distinction), impeding the capacity to assemble confiding seeing someone and open correspondence . The IDC has had extraordinary accomplishment with the 360D procedure. Is there a comparable procedure that would convey a similar outcome for the connection between the supervisory groups in Santa Clara and IDC? At last, the current activity is debilitated by its own adjustment in forms, prompting work bunches working as storehouses, and bringing about deferrals and strain between working gatherings. Are there activities the organization can take to improve coordination between these gatherings? Improved correspondence, joint effort, trust, and lucidity of direction are attractive in dealing with different work gatherings, and procedures that construct this cooperation will diminish issues and confidence. Exchange Solutions †¢Discontinue 360D †it has filled its need. Yearly execution surveys are sufficient. †¢Use the â€Å"16 Competencies† as the essential standards for employing and preparing new administration. Organize these standards with Santa Clara, in employing principles just as rules for coordinating new directors, and remember them for yearly execution surveys. Consider MBO components in execution audits which incorporate suitable â€Å"competencies† †¢Schedule 360D for ranking directors yearly. Along these lines, new administration recruits will in the long run take an interest, and accomplish the ideal degree of incorporation. Proposal The 360D ought to be made and yearly procedure for the improvement of the senior supervisory crew. While its transient impediments are perceived for incorporating new administration individuals, a survey of the procedure could give a critical show of the way of life of the organization, and the significance on trust, open correspondence, and coordinated effort. A gathering of the current administration with new individuals should survey what was found out in the last 360D procedure, and what conduct changes are being made by the ranking staff. So while the new administrators may not profit by their own 360D immediately, they might be taught into a culture of trust, and cooperation, and proceeded with improvement. For additional influence, every one of the 16 capabilities ought to get consideration at week by week gatherings †a conversation of one competency at each gathering. The 360D ought to be a yearly procedure, this first exercise filling in as a benchmark for a general improvement program, at that point rehashed every year as a reason for proceeded with advancement. While the procedure yielded brilliant outcomes between peers at the senior administration level, it is additionally intended to improve correspondence and initiative with subordinates and bosses too. Every year, the 360D should proceed, alongside that of the immediate detailing the board in Santa Clara. On the off chance that advancement in IDC the executives is directed toward the 16 skills, it ought to be lined up with the administration in California. As the IDC supervisory group profited at first by improving their trust and joint effort, they should look for comparative improvement in their relationship with the board in Santa Clara. The 360D procedure has demonstrated to be a helpful instrument in such manner, and we would expect the detailing connections between Santa Clara and IDC would profit if both supervisory groups led the 360D procedure together. As the 360D procedure demonstrated helpful in building trust and joint effort at the senior administration level, it ought to likewise be applied to the pioneers of the useful groups who require this equivalent coordinated effort for structuring and designing new items. A particular individual from each practical group ought to be appointed obligation regarding planning with different groups, and these â€Å"Team Leaders† ought to experience a comparable 360D procedure with one another as a component of their turn of events. At last, while the air of the IDC is particularly specialized, a discussion for non specialized issues ought to be built up. This â€Å"people’s forum† should have agent from each practical territory on location and will concentrate on representative worries in view of nonstop improvement, exhibiting administrations thought of worker spirit and giving representatives a â€Å"safe† gathering to raising their interests.

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Mary Shelley Life And Frankenstein Essays - Fiction, Literature

Mary Shelley Life And Frankenstein It is plainly clear that there are numerous equals between the novel Frankenstein and the life of its creator Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. All through her life, Shelley experienced numerous passings of friends and family. These disasters drove her to make a beast story that communicated her mental perspective. From inquiring about anecdotal writings of Shelley, I discovered that the passings of cherished ones that Mary Shelley experienced affected the plot of Frankenstein. Mary Shelley was naturally introduced to a family that contained prominent essayists, William Godwin and Mary Wollstonecraft. These two scholars impacted Mary Shelley's choice to turn into an author. One night as Shelley was going to rest, she started thinking about an awfulness story. Before she understood it, pages and pages of words were streaming and soon enough, Frankenstein was made. Without acknowledging it, Shelley was joining occasions that were occurring in her life to the story that she was composing. Mary Wollstonecraft turned out to be extremely wiped out at the point when Shelley was conceived. She had endured because of confusions during labor. Everything happened at the same time and fourteen days after she conceived an offspring, Mary Wollstonecraft kicked the bucket. Mary Shelley was the reason for the demise of her mom. Never would she have the option to draw near and bond with her mom the way moms what's more, little girls do. She understood that she needed to remain solid and acknowledge what life brought to the table her. In spite of the fact that she had battled to dismiss that instinctual blame, painstakingly educated as she had been in rationale all through her thirteen years by her famous thinker father, the idea kept on frequenting her (Leighton 3). Considerations of her mom would consistently be with her, however life needed to go on. There was no better path for Shelley to keep the soul of her mom alive then by emulating her mom's example and turning into an author. Presently she would be ready to be as expressive as she needed and discharge all her laments and feelings. The way Shelley's mom kicked the bucket is very like the way Frankenstein's mother kicked the bucket. While his mom was dealing with Elizabeth, his sister, from red fever, she turned out to be extremely wiped out and at the same time kicked the bucket. Here, Elizabeth feels that she is the one liable for her mom's demise. On the off chance that she had demanded that her mom avoid her while she was debilitated, she would have still been alive. Elizabeth and Victor needed to acknowledge what occurred and move on with their lives. My mom was dead, however we had still obligations which we should perform; we should proceed with our course with the rest and figure out how to think ourselves blessed while one remains whom the spoiler has not seized (Shelley 43). The two of them would consistently feel the torment and distress of the loss of their mom, however they realized that going on with life and doing admirably for themselves would make their mom both cheerful and glad. At the point when Mary Shelley gave birth to a kid, she chose to name it William to pay tribute to her dad. After two long periods of bliss, little William turned out to be genuinely sick and kicked the bucket. This was the most horrible thing Shelley needed to experience. It was hard enough having a mother bite the dust, presently it was her child. Life didn't appear to have a lot of importance to her any longer. The world will never be to me again as it was ? there was a real existence furthermore, newness in it that is lost to me...I should have kicked the bucket on the seventh of June last (Walling 19). This was an upsetting and turbulent time for Shelley. She was unable to go to any acknowledge with regards to why her infant was detracted from her. It appeared to be exceptionally unexpected that Shelley named Frankenstein's younger sibling William, particularly since William bites the dust. Frankenstein couldn't comprehend the genuine explanation with regards to why this happened to William. Is it safe to say that he was the reason? Regardless the suggestions were, Frankenstein realized that Justine, his cousin, proved unable murder her own relative. Questions were left unanswered and things were continuously a riddle to Frankenstein. As Shelley was growing up, she had a ton of step/stepbrothers and sisters from various relationships. She couldn't get extremely near them since she was continually moving near and living in various places. One huge relative that Shelley stayed close with was Fanny Imlay. She was four years of age when their mom had passed on and as she and Shelley were growing up, Fanny would discuss Mary Wollstonecraft and tell

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College Essay Myth Never Write a College Essay About Sports

College Essay Myth Never Write a College Essay About Sports You’ve probably heard the myth that you should never, ever write a college essay about one topic or another. Sports is one of the big no-nos. Who wants to hear about another come-from-behind winning game, right? But the fact is, as I related in my last blog, there are no good or bad essay topics, only good or bad essays. Luckily for you, I have obtained permission from my nephew to share his very good essay about â€" you guessed it â€" sports. Please read and enjoy â€" and notice why this college essay about sports stands above the rest. I’ll give you a hint: He has a sense of humor about himself. He relates his internal story a lot more than the external facts of the game. He comes full circle from the first paragraph to the last, with growth in between. And he writes about something he loves. (And in case you were wondering, he got into Northwestern University, UT Austin, and every other school to which he applied.) College Essay About Sports As a 4’9” high school sophomore, the first couple of weeks on the bench of the JV team brought me to the conclusion that my competitive baseball-playing days were over. In my initial despair, I longed for just one more chance. Ever since little league, baseball had been a part of me. Letting go of it mid-high school simply wouldn’t do. Then I remembered the time when I had filled in as an umpire at the little league where I grew up. The thought of watching baseball games for money, with my only job being to concentrate on each play and make a decision, was appealing. Umpiring wasn’t playing, but it was something, so I gave it another try. It was a few weeks into my new endeavor. The score was 15-0, top of the fourth, and it was already 9:20 p.m. Although there was no feasible way for the home team to win due to the five-runs-per-inning rule, all games were required to go four complete innings. Ugh. I want to go home. Hmmm, What if the pitcher were to throw a pitch that were even somewhat close to being a strike? It wouldn’t affect the outcome of the game, so could I maybe make an exception? No, that would be wrong. I can’t do that. In fact, since I am even thinking about this, my brain is probably going to expand the strike zone subconsciously, and therefore I should make a conscious effort to tighten it. Oh God, what am I even DOING? Umpiring was a bit more complicated than I expected. And, frustrating as it could be at times, I loved it. As an umpire, I constantly find myself lost in internal debates over my biases that I never experienced as a player. There are times when I realize, with some anxiety, that my decision agreed with what I had personally hoped would happen, or with a previous argument a coach had made, or with the latest grumblings of the fans. Although I generally consider myself fair, I have sudden crises, wondering whether I have committed the ultimate sin in umpiring: letting other people’s “calls” replace my own. I can usually convince myself that these instances are coincidental, but it’s still challenging to take in so much information from all sides about how the game is being perceived, and still be true to what I saw happen. As a player, one of my favorite parts of baseball had always been the mental game. I filled the “down time” that many others found boring with discussions and arguments with my teammates about strategy or rules. I have carried that aspect over into umpiring, mostly through discussions with coaches. Sometimes the most frustrating part of umpiring is when coaches accept my call without argument even though they don’t agree, saying “That’s ok, you’re the umpire.” Many umps would welcome this submission, but I find it even more offensive than being screamed at. Sometimes I talk to coaches between innings to further explain why I called what I did. These gestures are often appreciated, if not for my opinion, then for my attitude. The conversations are also far more mentally stimulating than the constant dispute the shortstop and I used to have over who should cover second base on a steal. I don’t wear a glove or swing a bat anymore, but I still consider myself a baseball player. I view the almost 100 games I’ve umpired as merely a position change. Although I have only made “great plays” by shouting my interpretation of what happened, and the pressure of the game is to perform mentally rather than physically, I now have the one more chance I desired. Even as I tower (albeit only by a few inches) over the players in size, and wear a different uniform, I feel more a part of each game than I ever have. So if you want to write a college essay about sports, go for it! And if you need help with how to say it, The Essay Expert is here to coach you. Check out our College Admissions Services page for more about what we offer and what others have to say about our services.

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Discuss How Changes on Aggregate Demand Influence Price...

Diana Gaita Economics FB1 Discuss how changes on aggregate demand influence price levels, output levels and employment. The meaning of â€Å"aggregate† is added together. All of the elements introduced in microeconomics are totaled in macroeconomics. Aggregate demand and supply analysis brings together the amount that consumers wish to consume and firms wish to produce at any price levels. Aggregate demand (AD) is the total demand for final goods and services in the economy (Y) at a given time and price level. Also it is the amount of goods and services that will be purchased at all possible price levels in the economy. This is called the demand for the Gross Domestic Product of a country when inventory levels are static. The†¦show more content†¦Confidence in future sales patterns and government incentive and regulations will also affect the investment levels. Another injection in the economy is the multiplier effect of the investment. In the economy, the money invested today will have a greater impact such as increasing the levels of output in the future. This is because investment rises the capital stock. With an evolution in technology, the machineries help production become faster and cheaper, thus contributing greatly to increasing the output in long-term. * The Price Level and Net Exports: The Exchange-Rate Effect Exports represent an injection into the circular flow of income, in that the money paid for goods and services sold abroad enters the domestic flow of income. Imports mean that there is an outflow of money, and exports minus imports gives the total movement of funds known as net exports. There are a number of reasons why the value of net exports might change. If the exchange rate increases in value against other currencies, imports become cheaper and exports more expensive on world markets. Over time, people respond to these relative price movements and the demand for exports falls and the demand for imports rises. A stronger currency will worsen net exports, whereas a weaker currency will improve the figure. Also, for example if a fall in the UK price level causes UK interest rates to fall, the real exchange rateShow MoreRelatedDifference Between Fiscal And Monetary Policy Essay1345 Words   |  6 PagesU.S. economy is forever changing due to various factors. Some of these econom ic policies are also developed due to various factors or events that may have occurred in the United States. This paper will discuss some policies that stimulate the economy, their relation to aggregate supply and demand, and the effectiveness of stimulation these policies will have on the economy. The article â€Å"What is the difference between fiscal and monetary policy?† written by Dr. Econ and posted on the Federal ReserveRead MoreThe Federal Reserve Is The Central Banking Institution Of The United States Of America1725 Words   |  7 Pagesinstability, and prevent crises in the American economy. In general, the Federal Reserve accomplishes these goals by using their influence to maximize national employment, control inflation and interest rates, and increase national GDP. Before we discuss the Fed in any further depth, we will first review some of these basic economic concepts that are essential for understanding how it operates. GDP, or gross domestic product, is the sum total value of all goods and services produced by a country withinRead MoreSupply and Demand Essay1417 Words   |  6 PagesTeam C Aggregate Demand and Supply Models OPTION 2: ECONOMIC CRITIQUE ECO/372 October 1, 2012 Option 2: Economic Critique The aggregate demand and supply model (AS-AD Model) is an economic model that has the capabilities to account for business cycles of expansion and recession, and helps to model macroeconomic policy. Aggregate demand is the total demand of goods and services for a specific period of time. Aggregate supply is the total supply of goods andRead MoreNotes On The Cash Rate1232 Words   |  5 PagesQ1. Explain what the cash rate is in simple terms. How do these rates influence the levels of other interest rates in the economy? The cash rate is a special benchmark interest rate set by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) based on its inflation target that is charged on overnight loans to commercial banks (Lowe, 2009). Because the amount of money a bank has fluctuates daily based on its lending and borrowing activities, the central bank always lends money overnight to banks that experience a shortageRead MoreWhat Role Did The Setting Of Monetary Policy Play On Housing Market Developments?1743 Words   |  7 Pagesexplain the rise in residential investments or house prices. However some increase in housing markets can attest to lower interest rates and favourable monetary policies that followed after the 2011 recession, which was actually a small factor, As proposed traditional macroeconomic models, even if policy was looser than some measures suggest, these deviations were unlikely to have granted or generated the outsized reponses of house prices and resedential investemnet that happened Our empirical Read MoreKeynes and the Classical Economists6500 Words   |  26 PagesKeynes and the Classical Economists: The Early Debate on Policy Activism LEAR N I NG OBJ ECTIVE S 1. Discuss why the classical economists believed that a market economy would automatically tend toward full employment. 2. Explain why Keynes rejected the views of the classical economists. 3. Compare the views of Keynes and the classical economists with regard to the proper role of government. s you discovered in Chapter 10, unemployment and inflation impose costs on our society. Today, many AmericansRead MoreAdvantages And Disadvantages Of The European Union1123 Words   |  5 PagesQuestions: 1. Discuss in general the advantages and disadvantages of regional †¨ trading blocs such as the EU. Discuss the benefits that UB may now enjoy after acquiring a stake in the Nigerian firm, AP. United Biscuits (UB) manufactures its products in factories throughout England, Ireland, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands. The advantages and disadvantages of regional trading blocs such as the European Union (EU), since its creation with the Treaties of Rome in 1957, the European Union has shownRead MoreExamining the Implications for an Economy of a Rising Exchange Rate2845 Words   |  12 Pagesrelative price fluctuations, there is likely to be an increase in domestic spending on imports, and decreased demand for exports in foreign countries. In order to explore rising exchange rate effects on economy we need to understand essential macroeconomics like Aggregate Supply (AS) and Aggregate Demand (AD). Economics- S. Nordhaus- 16th ed. – 1998 – McGraw-hill- US - p388 The central concepts for understanding the determination of national output and the price level are aggregate supplyRead MoreThe Inflation Definition And Influences Essay1649 Words   |  7 PagesThe inflation definition and influences Inflation is general defined as the devaluation of the currency with the comprehensive and continued rising price level, which means the purchase of money is persistent declining (James and Charles 1975). And this is generally considered as the result of the amount of money in circulation more than the actual needs of the economy. It will directly leads to the devaluation of paper money. If the income of residents do not change, then the living standard ofRead MoreMacroeconomic - Government Policies in Reducing Inflation and Unemployment1493 Words   |  6 PagesMACRO-ECONOMIC | Discuss the role of government policy in reducing unemployment and inflation. In your discussion make use of the diagrammatic representation of the macroeconomy developed in lectures in Term 2 | Unemployment and inflation are factors that have negative effects on the performance of the economy as a whole. Therefore, policies to achieve low and stable price inï ¬â€šation, a high and stable level of employment are big macroeconomics issues of our time. This essay focuses on discussing

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Comparision of Judaism and Zoroastrianism Essay - 668 Words

Comparision of Judaism and Zoroastrianism Religion has been a major focal point in any society and in any culture. Starting from the first civilizations in Sumer and Ur to the vast metropolitans of today like New York and London, religion has been around and played a key part in lives of people. Possibly two of the oldest religions in the world, Judaism and Zoroastrinism share distinct qualities that are still alive today. Both religions are practiced but Zoroastrianism is not as popular as it once was. Meanwhile, Judaism is one of the world’s largest religions. These two religions are similar in the way that they are designed and practiced throughout history. Judaism originated in the Middle East. Judaism calls that all†¦show more content†¦Women were treated unfair and were considered impure because they gave childbirth and went through the menstruation cycle. The Jewish religion has many key components, which were derived from other religions such as Zoroastrianism. The prophet Zoroaster founded Zoroastrianism in Persia. The doctrines preached by Zoroaster are preserved in his metrical Gathas (psalms), which form part of the sacred scripture known as the Avesta. Zoroastrianism is one of the first monotheistic beliefs in the world. The beliefs are outlined in the Gathas. The basic tenets of the Gathas consist of a worship of Ahura Mazda and an ethical dualism opposing Truth and Lie, which permeate the entire universe. Upon death in Zoroastrianism a person’s soul will be judged at the Bridge of Discrimination; the follower of Truth will cross and be led into paradise, and the adherents of Lie will fall into hell. Zoroastrianists believe that evil will be wiped off the face of the Earth and will be burnt. The Gathas and the Seven Chapters form part of the larger work, the Yasna. In the Yasna there are hymns that praise specific Gods, and the code of law that they are to follow. Both Judaism and Zoroastrinism share many characteristics in common. The most obv ious and probably one of the most important is the fact that both religions are monotheistic. In ancient times many civilizations were polytheistic. These two religions emerged as the first two monotheistic belief

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The Evasive Sonnet CXVI (116) Essay - 2568 Words

In my survey of Shakespeares Sonnets, I have found it difficult to sincerely regard any single sonnet as inferior. However, many of the themes could be regarded as rather trite. For example sonnet XCVII main idea is that with my love away I feel incomplete, sonnet XXIX says that only your love remembered makes life bearable, while sonnet XXXVIII makes the beloved the sole inspiration in the poets life. These themes recycled in love songs and Hallmark cards, hardly original now, would hardly have been any newer in Elizabethan England. However the hackneyed themes of these sonnets is in a sense the source of their essence. These emotions, oftentimes difficult to adequately articulate, are shared by all that have loved, been†¦show more content†¦As quickly as the Shakespearean narrator shifts in stance, not only from quatrain to quatrain but from line to line, it becomes quite easy to fall into the hole of misinterpretation. And thus, some popular sonnets are popular be cause of their misinterpretation. Shakespeares speeds ahead in his poetry while readers are left behind, totally oblivious, but still of the mind that they are following close behind. Sonnet CXVI is one of these evasive sonnets. It is indeed elusive and if we are lucky enough to catch hold of it, we may find that we do not in fact possess it entirely. Most interpretations of Sonnet CXVI focus on the constancy of love, which I concede, is indeed an attribute of the sonnet, but is hardly its main point. Wedged between sonnets that begin Those lines that I before have writ do lie (CXV) and Accuse me thus, that I have scanted all (CXVII) one has to reconsider the facile premise that this poem is only about love in its highest, ideal form. In the present paper, I will focus on sonnet CXVI, but not in conjunction to its surrounding sonnets. Instead I will try to read the sonnet without any inclinations to possessing its meaning and let the sonnet speak for itself. But first let us look at the poem. Below is a copy of a sonnet CXVI: Let me not to the marriage of true minds Admit

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Business Communication free essay sample

His vision to give young, fashion forward men and women a unique way to express their individuality through style resulted in millions of customers worldwide and propelled his designs to the forefront of the fashion industry. It all started in 1990, with a mere $1,100 in his bank account, Madden started crafting shoe designs from his Queens-based factory and the  Steve Madden  brand was born. With a lot of courage, years of experience in the footwear industry, and unique creative designs,  Steve Madden  formed his own successful enterprise. A year later, Madden introduced a redefined version of platform shoes, resulting in one of the most spectacular success stories in the early 1990s. Inspired by his favorite rock and roll stars of the 1970s, the thick, chunky heel became  Steve Maddens  signature and a phenomenon in womens shoes. Maddens footwear vision is continuously evolving. Steve once said, What inspires me is what I see people wearing on the streets of the world from New York to London and beyond. We also will have to identify the training and uptake strategies and IT goals and strategies. Recommendations In recommendation I will suggest that what other things company need and to improve or change for more good communications. Findings ,Conclusion And Recommendations Topic:1 Organisational Culture FINDINGS The Caltex is a fuel company as we know there are three to four hundred branches of Caltex Company in Newzealand. And this branch a part of a Caltex company as every company and organisation has dream and goal same like this Caltex company have their own goals and policies. Mr Pawan khanna who is the manager of this branch and he takes the responsibility to run this organisation . Caltex is fuel company and other side every Caltex do have convenience store. Moreover in the case of goals the company always try to accomplish the goal in market that company make high standard and good reputation in market and also try to sell better product and service to their customer for getting satisfaction and expectation of customers. Not only manager the every staff of company try to add the good values in company from which company can make good profit. There are 8 staff members are working in this organisation they all are responsible the main thing is this staff member are different countries like shrilanka, Fiji and India and they belongs to different culture but they all are friendly and polite each other they work together in organisation and they know the value of customer and how to respect to their customer because customer is precious for an any organisation so staff member have to show their soft nature to them. The owner of company has made some rule and regulation that is not give chance to any ethics between staff because all staff speaks only one language the wear same dress in workplace. The all staff of company knows very well about treaty Waitangi and whenever they serve the customer they give full respects to them mostly for Maori people whenever any Maori customer come in this organisation the staff members try to give them proper service with good manner that they can feel better and also they give discount on some things. Conclusion In conclusion it can be seen that the company main purpose is to fulfil the desire of their customer by providing them better service and selling good product so all staff are responsible for. Another thing is that all staff are polite and and friendly each other as well with customer they know the values and goals of company. And they also have the knowledge of ethics and culture or treaty Waitangi. The owner of company has made some rules for staff however they belongs different countries instead of this they have good communication with each other at workplace. Recommendations In recomdation I will like to say that in Caltex organisation director should give rewards and opportunity to his staff that they can motivated and also he should celebrate the festivals of other culture people together because of this they can know each other about culture and know about different languages. Topic:2 Organisation structure and communication channels In Caltex organisation structure is small there are 8 members are working like Director, Manager Supervisor and employees. The manager who is the first person of organisation who is responsible and handle to the staff even staff also responsible for their job but they all are work under the manager he makes the roster and make shifts according to the time for staff. Director of company has divided work into staff there are three departments in this organisation like information department, human resources department and operational department and these departments are handle by manager and supervisor or these group has different priorities and it works in different ways. All staff understand their nature and significance of their roles and manager also has given freedom to his staff to take some action according to their style because at the time any problems come the employees do not need to talk over and over to manager they can take action on the sport but in critical problem they need to get advice of manager then manager also talk to his owner. For more information and any new plans the director of organisation hire the meeting to his staff where he gives chance to every one to speak and put their views and ideas. Communication plays a key role in the success of any workplace program or policy in Caltex the all staff have to work inside of organisation whenever they need of any communication they can communicate with face to face if sometimes they do need to contact outside so they use mail service. In Caltex in the case of communication channel they have to talk each other face to face as in Caltex every staff member has to give report of whole day so they will send it manager and it goes to director so in this way staff plays the internal communication channel. In Caltex organisation they often use external communication channel as the company have some retailers and member so company has to contact with them so company need to contact them with external communication like price of products, price of fuels etc. Formal communication network very important for an company because in which company member makes plans. Most of time the director of company hire the meeting between staff members where they all discuss about new future plans where leader makes the decision according to the company. The Caltex also has some informal network with other fuel companies some time director has to attend meeting with other companies where companies hire the meetings together and they discussed the prices of fuel and G. S. T taxes . Conclusion In conclusion we can say the all staff of Caltex staff working in level of hierarchy and also there are network of communications and communication channel which work in company internal side and external side of company. On the other side the company structure is small and the work has divided in departments so it reduces the pressure of manager and they all are responsible. Recomdation In my opinion as company has different department but it is handle by manger according to me director of company should give some responsibility to other members of staff to handle some departments because of this manager can do other activities of company. Topic:3 Communication Technologies and tools Findings Caltex is a fuel company it open 24 hours and in the case of technology they use different types of technology like in fuel pumps whenever any customer come for getting fuel for their vehicle so they don’t need to come inside the store because Caltex organisation use such technology from which customer automatically get fuel and sometime if customer need to talk with staff member so they can talk with mike because Caltex has speakers and mikes technology from which they can communicate each other and also credit card service available if any one pay with credit card it all save the time of customer. Moreover in the case of advertisement and promotion for the the Caltex organisation they take the help of internet technology like there are some websites where we can registered and these websites help us to promotion and publicity for example the Caltex organisation update all the information on Caltex. co. nz in this web site every can get information about Caltex. On the other side the Caltex organisation has three departments they all are also use technology tools for run the business. Human resources management-This department process of an organisation or human resources for the training and selection of employees. In this Caltex organisation take online test of employees even they have to give trial in company for getting jobs. Informational department- Information management is the collection and management of information from one or more sources and the distribution of that information to one or more audience. In this department Caltex company have to gain lot of information from external side so they use fax and mail technology for it. Operational department-The department of operational management covers productions management, distribution product and process development in general as well as information and communication in modern industrial and service enterprises. In case of service and product these days customer demand for high technology so Caltex organisation has some good product For Example techron, the special ingredient in all Caltex petrol, makes them unbeatable at keeping vital engine parts clean, helping your car perform at its best. Lower quality fuels can leave harmful deposits in your cars engine. As these deposits accumulate over time, your car may begin to hesitate and stumble during acceleration, knock or lose power. Caltex fuels with the techron additive are unbeatable at cleaning up and avoiding deposits. Theres no better way for you to protect and maintain your engines performance than by using Caltex with techron. In the case communication technology all staff use fax and telephones technology and all staff have cell phons that they can make contact with manager any time so sometime in urgent manager also contact with his staff for example if manager have to go outside of work he can be late and delay so manager has to give message and call to their employees. Conclusion In conclusion it can be seen that all Caltex company has established and dependent on technology there are some departments in organisation which getting profit of technology in different way. Manager of company has main responsibility to focus on this technology and tools and he has given responsibility to his staff to operate this technology. Recommendation As per my point of view I think company should make technology department in business which can help to get more advancement in technology and it will give better service to customer because this department motivate to other department by technology tools .